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Welcome to the Ocean 2.0

This is a network containing experiments and thoughts of students from the Artscience interfaculty.

Designed and curated by YJ, Hana, Max & Bjarte (contact).

With work from 10 ArtScientists (show).

Amos Peled
Bjarte Wildeman
Christian Schwarz [ILAR]
Emilija Povilanskaite
Hana Kozma
Marta Beauchamp
Max Baraitser Smith
Piet Verkleij
Studio Aldo Brinkhoff
Yj Wu

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How to forget everything?
How to play in time   ?
How many cycles   exist in a sound   ?
Where is the common ear?
Are Chicago footwork dancers in time   ?
How to catch a rhythmic illness?
What is a polyrhythmic body   ?
Do words go here?
What do I do after I present   ?
Where is my body?
Can isolation bring unity?
Can I make an artificial body   ?
Does performing in the dark improve my performance   presentation   ?
How to choreograph digital   bodies?
How do I get there?
Where is the edge   of reality?
Can territories   be temporary   ?
Who is that bird   living in that box?
How do Polyergus ants   colonise other colonies?
Am I a product of reterritorialization?
Can everything be composed?
What are the interesting aspects about infinite   never-repeating patterns   for live performance   ?
What characters can you give life-less objects by automating them?
At what point does the instrument become the performer and vice-versa?
What is a sound   that does not know where he is?
What is a cat   knocking on the door?
How does it feel to acoustically follow the hesitation of a navigating ant   ?
What is navigation   about, when you are placed between the observations of human versus ant navigation?
How do you instruct or choreograph an experience?
How to map   a movement?
What is physical   architecture?
How can we train unconscious senses   ?
Do muscles remember spaces   ?
Does finding an aesthetic symbiosis between computer   generated geometric shapes, and physical   generated organic shapes result in interesting sculpture?
Or is the process itself the artwork.
How to murder a toilet?
Where is the cesspool?
Why is space   political?
Is a toilet an embodiment of institutional power?
Can a scent create a sense   of vulnerability?